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School of Metaphysics (SOMA) associates bring light to the world by living their ideals. Whether in the world’s first Peace Dome on the campus of the College of Metaphysics or in the cities served by a local branch of SOM, our associates value cultivating the potential in each individual which leads to peaceful coexistence. They believe in humanityʼs well being.  From the annual worldwide call for a U n i v e r s a l H o u r o f P e a c e t o contributions for the building of a Great World House in America’s heartland, SOM Associates are actively fulfilling “their part of a greater plan.” “What is meant by becoming a Creator?” it is asked.
“To acknowledge the powers of thought.” – from the Superconscious Oracle of 10.28.12-bgc/drc]
We invite you to be a part of this community by joining SOMA today. Annual membership: $40.

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• Online Library of Featured Dreams interpreted in Universal Language of MInd open 24/7
• Research Lab – One dream lesson for each week of the year
• Weekly Webinars with noted authors and teachers in our Virtual Classroom