List of Books by Author

Books by Laurel Clark

Concentration $4
Dharma: Finding Your Soul’s Purpose $10
Karmic Healing $15
Intuitive Dreaming $13.95
Law of Attraction and Other Secrets of Visualization $13
Vital Ingredient: Healing for a Higher Purpose $4

Books by Barbara O’Guinn Condron

A Circle of Love $10
Charisma: The Art of Communication ebook $5.99
The Dreamer’s Dictionary $15
Dreamtime: Parables of Universal Law While Down Under $13
Dreamtime: Parables of Universal Law While Down Under ebook $10
Every Dream is About the Dreamer $13
First Opinion: Wholistic Health Care for the 21st Century $15
Going In Circles: Our Search for a Satisfying Relationship ebook $5.99
Guardian Angels: Wisdom From Those Who Guide Us $3
How to Raise An Indigo Child: 10 Keys for Cultivating a Child’s Natural Brilliance $14
THE INVITATION a play in four movements (script) $8
THE INVITATION a play in four movements download
Kundalini Rising: Mastering Creative Energies $13
Master Living: 10 Essential Life Skills for Health, Prosperity, Success & Peace of Mind $18
PEACEMAKING, 9 Lessons for Changing Your Self, Your Relationships and Your World $12
The Power of Prayer Around the World Songbook $30
Radiance A Myth for All Ages $8
Spiritual Renaissance: Elevating Consciousness for the Common Good $15
When All Else Fails Be Honest $1
When All Else Fails Be Creative $1
When All Else Fails Be Healthy $
When All Else Fails Be Prosperous $1
Wisdom of Solomon: Infinite Possibilities in Finite Experiences $15
The Work of the Soul $13

Books by Daniel R. Condron

2012, 2013 & Beyond Time $15
The Bhagavad Gita Interpreted & Explained $20
The Dhammapada Interpreted & Explained $20
Dreams of the Soul: The Yogi Sutras of Pantajali $13
I Eat Meat for Spiritual Reasons $1
The Emptiness Sutra $10
The Four Stages of Growth $5
Isaiah Chapter 55 Interpreted & Explained $5
Permanent Healing $20
The Purpose of Life $15
The Secret Code of Revelation $15
Seven Secret Keys to Prosperity & Abundance $5
Still Mind Present Moment Open Heart $15
Superconscious Meditation $13
The Tao Te Ching, Interpreted & Explained $15
Understanding Your Dreams $5
Universal Healing Truths $15
Universal Language of Mind: The Book of Matthew Interpreted $13
Remembering Atlantis: The History of the World, Vol. One $15
The Bible Interpreted in Dream Symbols $18

Blosser, Pamela

7 Steps to Deepen Your Meditation ebook download $3.99
Motivation: From Existence to Fulfillment $2.00

Childers, Jennifer

Kundalini Poetry $10

Madar, Christine

The Moon’s Effect on Dreams $10

Martin, Teresa

Lucid Dreaming 99,000 Opportunities for Awareness $13

Mosby, Karen

Fruit Day Cookbook $10

Nordmann, Damian

The Inner Secrets of Astrology $20

O’Guinn, Gael

The Taraka Yoga of Kuan Yin: Receiving Your Inner Teacher $20


10 Powers of Dreaming $20
The Chick that Took Over $20
The Dream Mystery: An American Teen’s Search for Dream Elders $20
How to Develop Your Mind to make Better Grades and Study 1/2 as Much $20
The Science of Positive Thinking $20
The Second Life $20
The Silver Cord $20
Why Does the Dalai Lama Matter to You? $20


HOPE $15
Love Is Bliss $15
Portraits of Healing $15
Pranic Healing DNA Transfiguration $35

Digital Download’s

HOPE digital download
Lucid Dreaming digital download
Portraits of Healing digital download