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How Intuitive Are You?

How Intuitive Are You?

by Barbara O’Guinn Condron
ebook ISBN: 0-944386-20-2
196 pages

Explore how intuitive you are and gain insight into how your mind works! Intuition is the next frontier for expanding consciousness and propels individuals into states of knowing that provide confidence and security in life situations.

Barbara Condron introduces wisdom from the Akasha, a library of wisdom within Universal Consciousness that anyone can learn to tap into.

Remembering Atlantis

Remembering Atlantis

by Daniel Condron & Barbara O’Guinn Condron
ISBN 9780944386286
252 pages 7 x 10

Sometimes finding the answers you’re looking for is a matter of knowing how to ask the right questions.

Did Atlantis really exist? What were the people like? Where did they go? Where did the Earth’s moon come from? What became of the dinosaurs? Why has the Egyptian civilization appeared to have declined since its origin? Who built the Sphinx? Why are there so many pyramids on the face of our planet? Is our planet alive? What causes the phenomena of crop circles? Who made the crystal skulls excavated in the 1900’s. Is there intelligent life elsewhere in our universe? Have they already visited Earth? Might they return?

The Work of the Soul

The Work of the Soul

by Barbara O’Guinn Condron
ISBN 9780944386170
208 pages 5.5 x 8.5

What if you knew you have lived before? How much would it change you and your life – today?

Meet people who can answer these questions. The School of Metaphysics’ research has gone beyond the limits of recall common to regression experiences. In fact, there are those who have been trained to access universal memory and report what has been perceived. These past life accounts do much more than satisfy curiosity or boost the ego. They describe the karmic bonds that hold the soul earthbound and open the door to spiritual enlightenment. It is this knowledge that empowers you to do The Work of Soul.

2012, 2013 & Beyond Time

2012, 2013 & Beyond Time

by Daniel R. Condron
ISBN 9780944386484
202 pages 5.5 x 8.5

Throughout time, humanity has striven to understand history of the past and imaginings of the future, yet few have ventured to understand the present moment in which the True Reality resides. What is to be our future?

Perhaps, the correct question is, what is to be our Present? This 5000 year dream we call human civilization is coming to an end. Now, the reasoner evolves into the Intuitive Being. The now builds on the foundation of the old. In this book, Dr. Daniel Condron teaches the Mind, which goes beyond the brain, pure consciousness that goes beyond sensory experience, and the keys to Heaven while still in a physical body.

Dharma: Finding Your Soul's Purpose


Finding Your Soul’s Purpose

by Laurel Clark
ISBN 9780944386347
146 pages 5.5 x 8.5

Now you no longer have to wonder why you are here or wander from place to place to discover your soul’s mission. You can find out definitely through an Intuitive Dharma Portrait offered through the School of Metaphysics. This book brings you stories of seekers who have found their purpose in life through this important intuitive research. You can find your soul’s purpose. This book will tell you how.