Permanent Healing

Permanent Healing

by Daniel R. Condron

ISBN 9780944386125
246 pages 5.5 x 8.5

  Someone you know will live longer and healthier by reading Permanent Healing. Something wonderful is happening! A revolution is taking place. This book is a mental revolution. Your life is going to change–for the better. Beyond temporary, symptomatic remedies is the knowledge that can bring you Permanent Healing.

SECTION 1 – gives a comprehensive background, explanation and stories that illustrate the principal that thought is the cause of our inner and outer life.

SECTION 2 – presents a glossary of over 500 dis-eases of the body and mind, the attitudes that cause these diseases and suggestions for causing permanent healing.

SECTION 3 – explores the relationship of quantum mechanics to permanent healing. Insights are offered that explain the infinite potential of the disciplined mind.

Unparalleled as a reference book for professionals and lay people, Permanent Healing documents years of research pioneered by the School of Metaphysics’ intuitive reports.

Read more about the intuitive research that Dr. Condron has contributed to for over three decades!

“The relationships we all have with emotions and health issues are among the most perplexing philosophical enigmas. Dr. Condron offers the most satisfying instant insight I have read to solve most problems. I think you can resolve your major dysfunctions by meditating on the attitudinal foundations provided.”

  • Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D.

President, Holos Institutes of Health

Permanent Healing companion App

by Daniel R. Condron


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presents a glossary of over 500 dis-eases of the body and mind, the attitudes that cause these diseases and suggestions for causing permanent healing.

Universal Healing Truths

Universal Healing Truths

by Daniel R. Condron
ISBN 9780944386446
$15.00 Printed Copy
152 pages 4.5 x 8

If everyone knew and practiced Universal Truths of Healing they would be more whole and the world would be a healthier place. This book offers the knowledge of healing. It also offers the truths to have and maintain health. Each truth builds upon the previous truths. Together, they produce wholistic transformation of consciousness. As consciousness becomes more whole or wholistic, the body is healed, for to be healed is to become whole.

This book of simple truths has the power to change the very essence of who you are. Each passage is an affirmation that causes the reader to refocus on what he/she wants to create within the Self. It keeps you focused on the person you want to become. A person that is more positive, peaceful and healing.

eBook $10.00

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Karmic Healing

Karmic Healing

by Laurel Clark
ISBN 9780944386262
212 pages 5.5 x 8.5

This may be the hardest book you will ever read. Hard because it is real. Hard because it brings you face to face with pain, loss, sadness, illness, and the struggles of living in an imperfect world. At the same time, you may experience the most profound and uplifting change in your consciousness as you discover how to find peace during stressful times and to be centered in the enduring power of love.

This is the story of a friend, a wife, a spiritual teacher enriched by her experiences as she walked with her husband through the strange and surreal world of modern medicine during as six-year ordeal with diabetes, blindness and kidney failure.

Pranic Healing DNA

Transfiguration – CD

by Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron
ISBN 9780944386970

Each breath you take supports your physical life by oxygenating your body in a process called respiration. Consciously breathing activates your spiritual life by drawing upon cosmic energy in a process called pranayama. The Pranic DNA Transfiguration gives you the keycodes for breathing the subtle energies capable of synchronizing your mind and your body. These codes are auditory. Two ancient practices become your own with each listening. DEERGHA SWASAM and the MICROCOSMIC ORBIT enlighten the Stargate Field of Consciousness, fortifying your core and igniting six spheres of life. This taraka yoga exercise was developed at the School of Metaphysics by Dr. Condron.

First Opinion

First Opinion:

Wholistic Health Care for the 21st Century

by Barbara O’Guinn Condron ISBN 9780944386187 $15.00 308 pages 5.5 x 8.5

Intuitive analysis unites the best the world has to offer. From surgery to acupuncture, from psychiatry to prayer, intuitive health analysis recommend those treatments which accelerate recovery and restore wholeness for the individual. It complements existing health care practices by drawing upon global healing knowledge.

As we move into the next frontier, intuitive health analysis will become the first opinion we seek for our health, well-being, and peace of mind.

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Going in Circles

Going in Circles ebook


*Must be purchased separately in one transaction.*

by Dr. Barbara Condron ISBN 9780944386262


Relationship are central to our understanding of ourselves and the Universe. During her years of living as a teacher and counselor, Dr. Barbara O’Guinn recognized the need for intuitive counsel for those desiring fulfilling relationships, particularly between the sexes. The result, published in 1979, was the book Going in Circles: Our Search for a Satisfying Relationship. Filled with excerpts from Past Life Crossings, this book talks about the search for love. The third section on original sin will help you dispel the confusion between physical pleasures and spiritual satisfaction, allowing you the freedom to completely express your Real Self with another. Going in Circles was the first perfectbound book published by the School of Metaphysics. With over 10,000 copies, it was allowed to go out of print in 1990. Now, 25 years later, the original text is an ebook (complete with contemporary material added by its author Barbara Condron) available for limited time by download as our gift toward your growing awareness! Watch for Dr. Condron’s new title on relationships, Intimacy, available for Valentines 2014.