How to Raise An Indigo Child

How to Raise An
Indigo Child

by Barbara O’Guinn Condron
ISBN 9780944386293
262 pages 6 x 9

A child is waiting for you to read this book

Can we be taught how to think like Leonardo da Vinci or William Shakespeare or Mohandas K. Gandhi or Marie Curie? How does one become a mental gymnast, fluid in thought and expression? A compassionate leader of Self and others? Can intelligence be developed? Can intuition be taught?

An urgent need to answer these questions is present in the minds of increasing numbers of us, often stimulated by the children in our lives. This book is a quantum leap in that direction. Indigo children are the talented and gifted among us. Incredibly bright, they naturally challenging us to interact in new, exciting ways. How to Raise an Indigo Child allows us to enter their world where honesty, learning, and wisdom and self mastery are worthy goals in life!

Radiance A Myth For All Ages

Radiance A Myth For
All Ages

by Barbara O’Guinn Condron
44 pages 7 x 10

Dr. Barbara Condron’s many years of study and experience with the mind and with children shines through in this sure be a classic, epic tale of our Boy meets Babaji, a wise and kind spirit guide. His journey unfolds as a troublesome snake bite ends up leading to the city that comes and goes…

Inspired by her own experience in the inner levels of consciousness.

Circle of Love

Circle of Love

by Barbara O’Guinn Condron
40 pages 7.5 x 7.5

“I love you just because you are.”

Dr. Barbara Condron once again creates a very beautiful and enchanting story for all the ages. This poem was adapted from the traditional closing of all School of Metaphysics gatherings into a form everyone can read. The pictures are attractive and compelling. This is a great book for young and old. The poem is rhythmic and dynamic as it explains the universal principals of unconditional love. The book is coded in two colors, the poem in blue and the inner wisdom behind the poem in red. This is a book you can read over and over to your child creating memories that will last a lifetime.


How to Raise an Indigo Child has been translated into four languages…


indigo2   Danish



indigo1   Indonesian

Indigo4  Portuguese

indigo4   Hebrew